Nepali Calendar : 2020 B.S. Chaitra

Nepali Calendar contains 100 years calendar with different festivals and tithis. The current calendar is displaying the nepali year 2020 B.S. and nepali month Chaitra. In this month there are different festivals and tithis. All festivals are celebrated with joy and happiness and holds equal importance in nepali society. If you have any suggestion to make this calendar better, please feel free to email us at

२०२० चैत March / April 1964
१० 23
११ 24
१२ 25
१३ 26
१४ 27
१५ 28
१६ 29
१७ 30
१८ 31
१९ 01
२० 02
२१ 03
२२ 04
२३ 05
२४ 06
२५ 07
२६ 08
२७ 09
२८ 10
२९ 11
३० 12

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  • Aries Aries

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Upcoming Events
  • Event NameDays To Go
  • सरस्वती पुजा / श्रीपञ्चमीToday
  • शहिद दिवस8 days
  • महाशिवरात्रि / शिलाचह्रे पूजा22 days
  • ग्याल्पो ल्होसार25 days
  • प्रजातन्त्र दिवस28 days
  • फागुपूर्णिमा (होली)38 days
  • तराई होली39 days
  • नारी दिवसः45 days
  • घोडे जात्रा54 days
  • रामनवमी / चैते दसैं62 days
The nepali calendar contains the different marriage dates for the nepali year 2071 and the nepali year 2071. the marriage date for the rest of the year are being collected and are be updated in the site. Below are the marriage dates for the nepali year 2020 and the month chaitra. It also contains other different dates for grihaprabesh (i.e the right date to enter in a new house or to move to a new house), bratbandha (a ritual done to a young boy), annaprashanna (a rice feeding ceremony for the new born babies ).
  • विवाह मुहु्र्ता
    • Not Found For This Month.
  • ब्रतबन्ध मुहु्र्ता
    • Not Found For This Month.
  • अन्नप्राशनको साइत
    • Not Found For This Month.
  • गृहप्रवेशको साइत
    • Not Found For This Month.
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    Exchange Rate for 22 January, 2018
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     U.S. Dollar1 Rs.101.86 Rs.102.46
     European Euro1 Rs.124.49 Rs.125.22
     UK Pound Sterling1 Rs.141.17 Rs.142.00
     Swiss Franc1 Rs.105.77 Rs.106.40
     Australian Dollar1 Rs.81.41 Rs.81.89
     Canadian Dollar1 Rs.81.55 Rs.82.03
     Singapore Dollar1 Rs.77.11 Rs.77.57
     Japanese Yen10 Rs.9.20 Rs.9.25
     Chinese Yuan1 Rs.15.91 Rs.16.00
     Saudi Arabian Riyal1 Rs.27.16 Rs.27.32
     Qatari Riyal1 Rs.27.97 Rs.28.14
     Thai Baht1 Rs.3.20 Rs.3.22
     UAE Dirham1 Rs.27.73 Rs.27.90
     Malaysian Ringgit1 Rs.25.87 Rs.26.02
     South Korean Won100 Rs.9.54 Rs.9.60
     Swedish Kroner1 Rs.12.66 Rs.12.74
     Danish Kroner1 Rs.16.73 Rs.16.82
     Hong Kong Dollar1 Rs.13.03 Rs.13.11
     Kuwaity Dinar1 Rs.338.91 Rs.340.91
     Bahrain Dinar1 Rs.270.11 Rs.271.71
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